Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

Miss Humanity

 Choosing the Best SMILE and being one of the judges in this lovely event hosted by Future TV  (27/11/15)

Future TV

 Teaching people about the "SPORTS DENTISTRY" section of the SDC and how it must be applied in our younger generation daily sports life (30/10/15)

Blom Shabeb

 Addressing our new generation and leading them towards a great path of dental work . You never know , maybe those eager minds would be our new smile architects (11/15)

BLOM Shabeb event


The Opening of SDC

(27/9/12) In the presence of his Excellency the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Mohammed Jawad Khalifa, the Specialized Dental Clinics owned by Dr. Salah Damer in Hamra, Beirut area was officially opened.
The opening was attended by Dr. Ghassan Yared as well as physicians, journalists, friends, and supportters who were briefed on our Dental Clinics which are equipped with the latest up-to-date medical/dental equipments and facilities.

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